getTimerValue and getTimerDuration

Problem: I created a timer with the name “questionTimer” and I’m trying to give bonus points to the students doing the question earlier. I read the manual, thought I’ve found what I just needed with getTimerValue and getTimerDuration but I can’t get them to work. Could you please check what I’m doing wrong?

Nothing seems to work here. questionPoint and bonusPoints variables show 0 as well even though I add to them a few lines above.

ActivePresenter version: 9

OS: Windows 10


I figured this one out. I was going back a few slides back for my correct or incorrect slides and it was causing the error. I’m doing those right after the questions now. So this one can be closed.

Hi Aytug,

Glad to know that this issue is figured out.
We will take a look at your other issue now,

Quynh Anh