Freeze and Unfreeze on scroll

Can you explain how we can Freeze an object and then Unfreeze it on scroll behavior.

For e.g.

A white panel is frozen / pinned to the center of the screen and only when the next object comes up and the bottoms of both objects align, THEN it unfreezes and continues to scroll.

What if we want it to freeze and unfreeze based not on another object but simply by marking certain points on the page which if crossed, it should Freeze and then another mark when crossed, it should unfreeze?

Can you you explain for both scenarios. 1. Based on another object and 2. Based on 2 marks on a page

Thank you!!!


Hi Shawn,

To make an element freeze on scroll, you need to move it in reversed direction by the scroll amount.
For vertical scrolling, you can animate its Top or Translate Y (motion path) property.
Though freeze/unfreeze condition is based on other objects or based on marks on a page, you need to convert them to a distance from the top of the scene (i.e. the scroll position)
After that, check current scroll position to set suitable Top or Translate Y value for the element.

Please see the attached file for a sample.
scroll-n-pin.saolapack (3.4 KB)


Thanks Toan!

Is there a way to prevent the blue bar from occasionally stuttering above the red line when scrolling – a way to keep it steadily fixed?



Hi Shawn,

The green and red bar are just markers of freeze/unfreeze positions I added for easy understanding.


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