FrameDrop while recording

I am recording Software simulation.
Settings:- H.264 and Direct3D enabled. Frame - 30 fps
While recording I see my some slides are skipped while recording. Can you tell how to record all slides?


If you want to record and export to video format, please select Record Video.
Please take a look at this thread if you need more information.


Thanks for you reply!
I want slides as per recording.
If I record video all the slides are coming as expected.
But when i chose Software simulation it tends to miss one or two slides in between


ActivePresenter offers two recording modes: Record Video and Record Software Simulation.
If you select Record Video, after recording, you will get a video.

Otherwise, with the Record Software Simulation feature, it allows you to capture all actions on the screen and then convert them into a slide-based project including:

Image slides (mouse click, key stroke);
Video slides (mouse scroll, drag-n-drop).