Frame rate set to 30 but records at 17-18

Hi. Thank you for ActivePresenter - it has all the features I require, is quick and easy to use and the quality is very good.

I’m using it to create tutorials by recording various applications (with narration). In the Record Settings I’ve selected 30 fps but when I start recording the Recording Toolbar displays 17-18 fps. I’d like to record at a fixed rate of 30 fps, if possible. Please could you suggest how I can change my settings to achieve this? Many thanks.

Hi Matt,

The Frame Rate option in Recording Settings is the maximum frame rate can be recorded. Depending on your computer speed, codec settings… the frame rate can be changed (lower than the setting). However, you can try the following setting to record higher frame rate:

  1. Use Direct 3D for recording screen. You can see this option in the Preferences dialog.
  2. Use H264 for Video Codec.
  3. If the above two options are not enough, consider reducing the recording size.


Hi Nam

Using Direct3D for recording has solved my problem! Thank you very much for your reply and your assistance.

All the best

Matt Thurgood

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This doesnt work for me Direct 3D doesnt pop up when I try to raise the frame rates


This option is only available on Windows. The Frame Rate option is just the expected frame rate, the actual frame rate will depend on recording resolution and hardware configuration. Please also make sure that the H264 codec is selected for recording.