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Formulas NOT italic?


I use ActivePresenter 8.3 with formulas. I don´t want to write units italic, but I can find no option to choose “regular” fonts which are not italic. Is there such an option? I would prefer writing formulas not italic.

Thanks a lot!

Best regards, Benjamin


The current version of ActivePresenter automatically formats the elements of formulas depending on their types. The custom font formatting is not supported yet.

We will try to support it in the future release.


Hi Benjamin,

ActivePresenter uses MathML to create Equations.

This is a hack, but you can open the .approj file in a text editor and change the MathML manually. Be VERY CAREFUL not to change anything else.


Make sure that you don’t have the file open in ActivePresenter.
Open the approj file in a text editor like notepad.
Search for <mathml
Now look for your units (e.g. cm)
Here is how they will likely look: <mi>c</mi><mi>m</mi>.
The problem is that each letter is being treated like a variable and single letter variables in mathml are always represented in italics.
A simple fix is to make it all one variable: <mi>cm</mi>.
Alternatively, make it regular text: <mtext>cm</mtext>.

Save the file, again being VERY CAREFUL not to change anything else.

Hope this helps!

Hi Keith,

that is brilliant! I will try it!

Thanks a lot!

Best regards, Benjamin