Font problem when output to HTML 5

Thanks for reporting the issue. We will check and get back to you as soon as possible.



We have checked but could not reproduce the issue. Can you please:

  • Let us know the version of ActivePresenter that you are using?
  • Share a sample project which has this issue so we can check?


Hi Support,

I have excactly the same issue (win 10, active presenter 7). I have exported few times my project as HTML5 tutorial in order to check my work, and no issue with fonts style. Today, I’ve exported a new time my project, and I see that my verdana font is now a times.

I will check all my font on my projet and save again, but I’m not sure about the final result… Is there a way to lock font style ?


My computer have been updated last night with a new version of Windows 10. After the update, it appaers tha my font “Verdana Pro” has been deleted with the update.

It is now sure the issue on Active presenter comes from this.

subject close.