Font Awesome in HTML5 Preview not working

I’ve installed font awesome on my computer, the font displays correctly in ActivePresenter. But when i Click HTML5 preview, the font awesome icons do not render. I have embed font ticked.
Is there any reason for this?

ActivePresenter Version: Required. V8

OS: Required. Win 10


Can you please tell if the problem happen when exporting with the Embed Fonts option selected?


The Embed Fonts option is selected.
In preview none of the icons load.
If i do a full export, only one of the three icons i’m using work.


If I do a full export, only one of the three icons I’m using work.

It’s a strange issue. Can you please send us the project to, so we can check?

I just emailed the project through.
Thanks for being so responsive!

Thanks for sharing the file. It seems the font uses style in its name (Awesome 5 Free Regular) and some browsers don’t accept that, so the issue.
Please follow the below steps as a workaround:

  • Use the Awesome 5 Free Solid font for two remaining icons.
  • Export with the Embed Fonts option.