Following video function without having the background

Problem: I’m making a training with video screen capture. bewteen each video (slides) I have inserted a button click to make the possibility to move on the next slide. This is OK and work fine. But when the timeline is at the end of the first slide, It show the background of my slide, is there a possibility to just make a pause on my video and then, when my user click on “next” it goes to the next slide ?

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ActivePresenter Version: 7.xx

OS: Windows 10


You just need to put a button right before the end of the video and make sure that it will pause the entire presentation when showing. To do that, select the button then check the option “Pause presentation to wait for user input” and uncheck the child-option “Just before hiding object”.
That way the presentation will pause instantly when the button is displayed.

pause button

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Thanks !! This is working just fine.