Flex Container Layout of one slide is transferred to all slides

today I came upon a problem I have never experienced before.

  • I create a new project (or open one of my existing ones)
  • I change the Container Layout to “flex” and the Overflow to “auto” in one slide.
  • I use the HTML Preview for the whole project
  • Everything looks good (the slides without 'flex" are without ‘flex’)
  • I click on the slide on which I had changed the Layout to “flex”, and it is shown with flex - great.
  • BUT, as soon as I have clicked on the slide with ‘flex’, all the other slides have a flex-Layout afterwards!

Please see added test-project.

I have been working with flex-layouts quite often, and have never experienced any problems so far (in Version 8). A colleage of mine also tested it. He experiences the same problem.

ActivePresenter version:

OS: Win10

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find out, how to attach a file. I will send you the project via e-mail.

Update 2:
Meanwhile, I checked different projects. In a recent project that was created with AP 8, I have several single slides with flex-layouts. These work great within AP 9 as well. The problem seems only to occur as soon as I set the container layout of a slide to ‘flex’ with AP 9.

Hi Augustin,

We’ve received your project via email.
We’ll check it and respond to you later.



Thank you for reporting the issue.
We confirm that it is a bug of the current version and we’ll fix it in the next updates.


Hi Augustin,

We have released an update that resolves this issue for ActivePresenter 9.
Please access the Help tab > Check Updates.


thank you very much for the update. Now, everything works great.