Finish presentation and preview


I have two doubts:

  1. I have a button that finish the presentation and send all the information, but it dosen’t work and i don’t know why.
  2. The preview in ActivePresenter y different fromt the result:

Thank you very much!


  1. Can you please describe the issue in more details? “Doesn’t work” is quite vague for us to guess what is the issue.
  2. Can you please send a sample project with just the slides which has the issue so we can check? Our support email address is

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Hi @dangle

In the last screen of our project, we have a button with an onClickListener calling the “End Presentation” action, but clicking on this button does nothing when uploading our SCORM to our LMS system.

The spected action is that the SCORM closes and sends all the data to our server.

How can we send data to our server once the student has finished the course then?

Hope now it’s a little bit more clear our question :slight_smile:


Hi Noemi,

End Presentation action does not close the browser window.
It marks the lesson as ended, any further actions that affect the learner results (such as submitting a quiz) will be blocked. It also sends all the result and notify the LMS that the lesson is completed.

If you don’t see the result, please let me know your LMS, browser and send your project to our support email at so that we can check.
You can also check if the issue occurs with other LMSs such as ActivePresenter Online, SCORM Cloud

For the issue #2, we need the project to check, too.



Thank you for your reply. Then, we will work with a different approach :slight_smile:

The other problem we are having is with the preview of the project. When designing on ActivePresenter we are viewing all the menu items different than when we “compile” the project and preview it in the browser. These menu items are located on a Feedback Master.

Also, we are having some problems with line spacing in our text boxes. When editing our content in ActivePresenter we can see correctly our text and line spacing, but when “compiling” the project and previewing it on website, this text box overflows the blue area that we have below the text box. ¿How can we fif this?

You can download our sample project here


Hi Noemi,

Line and paragraph spacings may be different between browsers and ActivePresenter in some cases. We’ll try to make them match in future releases.

In your case, the font size for some objects and the font size for the inner text of those objects are different so this issue occurs. You just need to select those objects (but don’t enter text editing mode), and set the object font size to the same value as the inner text font size from Home tab.

Those objects are Shape_435 in group p.1.2, and Shape_282 in group p.1.
They have font size 21 px, but their inner text has font size 18px.