Fill video gap with a still image from the video, without affecting audio

I recorded my screen as a video and did a voice-over by recording my microphone. There is a section of the video that I want to remove from the recording. I successfully selected the range and managed to delete the video, leaving the audio intact. However, I have a gap in the video. I would like to fill that gap with a still image from the preceding video clip so that it’s not obvious that I deleted part of the video. How can I achieve this with ActivePresenter?

I tried to search for a way to capture a still image from the recorded video, but I couldn’t even figure out how to do that. My thought was that I could then insert that image as a separate video track and adjust its duration on the timeline to fill the video gap.

I would appreciate any advice.

Hey Matt,

I believe your approach is correct.

  1. Grab a screenshot - or chunk of video with Copy Range
  2. Paste the Range you copied
  3. extend it to fill your gap


Hope this helps.
I believe this should get you where you’re headed.

Hi Matt,

Yes, you can define a video range and then copy > paste the range at the position you want as Greg suggests. (How to Use Basic Editing Tools for Audio/Video in ActivePresenter 9)
Or, you can add silence to your video if want the video to pause right before the cut position. Please refer to this tutorial for details:


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