File too large to transfer or open with ActivePresenter

Problem: The video file is too large and won’t open in AP

ActivePresenter Version: 7.2.3

Windows 10
Notes:I recorded a long presentation online of a few hours. It has created a MKV file of 7.31GB.
Firstly I tried to open the file as a video project and got a message saying i did not have enough disk space on my C Drive. So I tried moving the file to another drive with plenty of space and tried opening it and was told that the parameters were incorrect.
So I then moved Active presenter exe file along with all the AP sub folders to a drive that has over 650GB of space on it. and opened active presenter from the new location (F Drive)
I had no problems moving any file within the active presenter folders to the new drive except for the MKV file that is 7.31GB in size. I still get an error message saying " the file video_21805…mkv is too large for the destination file system". It has over 600GB of free space so the message I am receiving is clearly incorrect.
Please help


It seems that there isn’t enough space on your C drive to create a new video project. I’m just wondering why you need to open the MKV file as a video project while you can open existing recorded project (.approj) instead?

For about the error “the file video_21805…mkv is too large for the destination file system”, it seems that your F drive (new location) is FAT/FAT32 file system so it cannot support for the file size larger than 4GB. Please consider converting it to NTFS file system to remove the limits. Or simply free up space on the C drive.