File quota error reached

I’m encountering the error ‘file quota error reached’ when trying to upload a new course to activepresenter online.

The lesson I’m uploading only has 6 slides…

Any idea why it’s happening and how I can get around it?


It seems that you reached the maximum storage space in ActivePresenter Online.

Kindly take note that ActivePresenter Online provides you with 200MB of personal storage space and a maximum of 100MB for each course uploaded.

For more information on uploading courses to ActivePresenter Online, please refer to:


Given that is only 6 slides… which is nowhere near a complete lesson (I have the Edu Pro license for Activepresenter 8) is there a way to increase the file quota?

It seems mad to only be able to have half a lesson on at a time. There is nothing showing in my personal files on


ActivePresenter Online is now free for all users with fixed file quota of a maximum of 100MB for each course uploaded.

You can consider reducing the course size by reducing the video quality when exporting.

Moreover, for videos and images having large resolutions, you can scale them to be smaller, then replace the former ones.