File Duplications

So, here is my newbie question…
I have been making a lot of little bits for my ESL classes that I eventually want to link together. We haven’t jumped them over to an LMS yet, so I’ve been publishing them as separate files on my server. If I publish them in separate folders, I have a lot of repeated files. So my question is, what files when publishing to HTML5 can be shared among the presentations? (I do realize that I have to rename the html files when publishing to the same directory.)

Thank you.

Hi Roxie,

If you use the same player settings and languages for your presentations, player files (including rlplayer.js, rlplayer.css, rlplayer.lang.lang-code.js) can be shared among them.

You can change the output folder structure to reuse these files by clicking Settings button in Output section when exporting to HTML5. For more information, please see Output section in this tutorial:


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