File could not be opened

Problem: my laptop crashed before i could save a file and now it shows error project_1.approj could not be opened. However, project1_files are saved in my laptop, is there any way to fix this so i could get my recording back?

ActivePresenter version: 6.1.6

OS: Windows 10


Hi Hansa,

You can create a new project from the video, audio in the project1_files folder.

Besides, kindly take note that ActivePresenter is mainly designed for creating training tutorials that normally have a duration of fewer than 1 hour.
If you want to record a long session, you should look around for other screen recorders on the Internet.


can u please elaborate on how i can do that?

Hi Hansa,

You can do the steps below:

  1. Click Open Project in ActivePresenter, and select the video in project1_files folder.
    It’ll create a new project from your video.
  2. Select Insert > Audio to insert the audio in project1_files folder to this new project.
    Or you can drag the audio file into Canvas area of this new project.
  3. Save your new project to another location.