File and directory structure

where can i find description of the file structure used by active presenter? for example i see a <project_name>_files directory in the same directory as the approj file, but not always. what triggers this? and when i move the approj file, what happens to these? if i rename the approj file, do i need to rename the _files directory? or what if i want to duplicate the project but use a different name? etc., etc…
thank you!

Hi Eugenio,

Thanks for contacting us!

To address your concern, ActivePresenter stores large audio/video resources of a project in an external data folder named PROJECT_FILE_files.
When you move an approj file out of its resource folder, it can’t be open.
So, please make sure to move its data folder accordingly.

Similarly, if you rename an approj file, you should rename its resource folder to open it.

And if you want to duplicate the project but use a different name, just open the project > click ActivePresenter button > Save As and type a new name for it.

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