Feedback Layer Multirepsonse

Problem: I want a feedback layer with response to the given answers.
In the slide with the multiresponse Question I set different variables “On Check” of each Checkboxes.
On the Feedback Slide, I have diffrent layer with explaining Text for each wrong answer.
This layer just should show up, when the user checked a wrong answer / Checkbox.
So I chek if each variable is true, if is it true the layer should show up.
Unfortunately it dosen´t.

What I am doing wrong?


ActivePresenter Version: 8.

OS: Mac OS.



Thank you for your question.
Please download the attached project, preview it in HTML5 to see how it works.

To get the output like this, you will set events - actions for each radio button as in the below image:

Feedback Layer.approj (532 KB)