Fade Background Audio 'On Click'

Hi everyone. I trust this finds you all safe and well?

I’m currently putting a Tutorial together in ActivePresenter 8, but I’ve hit a bit of a road block with regards to being able to fade the background music when a user clicks on a button. I’m struggling to work out how I can do this.

Currently, I have a slide that plays background music on a continuous loop. The same slide contains a button, that when pressed jumps the user to a different a different slide. What I want to happen is: When the user clicks on the button, the backgound music fades out over a period of 2 seconds and then jumps the user to the predetermined slide.

Because the backgroup music is set to play on a loop, the user could click on the button at antime during the background music play back, therefore I want the fade to begin as soon as the button is clicked over a period of 2 seconds then jump to the next slide.

Is this possible. Any help/suggestions most gratfully appreciated.

Thanks everyone.

Hi Jason,

Unfortunately, it’s not possible in the current version.
We’ll try to support it in the future.