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Exporting to an HTML5


I have just started to work with AP and need some help, please.

I would appreciate it if anyone could tell me how to get a URL for an HTML project. I have created a project (a video lesson) with a quiz embedded as an HTML5 slide created using AP but when I publish this project, I can only view the HTML file on my own computer. How can I publish this on an outside platform, for example on You Tube or on my website?

Thank you.


After you finish designing your project, you can export it to HTML5 output. Normally, there are three ways to distribute the HTML5 output:

Among these options, the first one seems to be the best method. This method allows you to manage, deliver, and track training courses or games. You can try some popular LMSs such as Moodle Cloud, TalentLMS, and Scorm Cloud.

With the second method, you can embed the output into a webpage. However, this method doesn’t allow tracking user’s interaction and result as the first one.
If you want to publish your project to YouTube, you first need to export it to Video (Export tab > Video). Then, manually upload this video to YouTube. Please note that users cannot interact with video output.


Thank you. With Moodle, can I provide a link for anyone to access a course or do students have to register or sign up before they can use the course?

You can use both ways but I think that students sign up or register to the course will help you to track their results better. I’d recommend reaching out to LMS provider (Moodle) for more details.


Thank you. One other question: Which of the LMS providers would you recommend?

Hi RealBetis,

There is no good LMS for all use cases but you can check some of them in the list at The Best Learning Management Systems (2022 Update) ( to see if they fit your needs.