Exporting AVI to Mp4 duplication


I’ve a strange behavior when exporting a AVI video to MP4.
I insert a 8 minute video in avi then i export to Mp4.
The video gets quadruplicated in Mp4 Format. The mp4 file plays in loop in fast foward motion repeating at the end until the 8 minutes are reached.

Is this a bug?

Ty for the help

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I have never heard about this issue. It seems to be a video-specific problem. Can you please share the project file(*.approj) and its external data folder named PROJECT_FILE_files if any so we can check? If these files are large, please upload them to Google Drive or other cloud storage sites then share the link to us.


Hello phuongdv,

Find the files in the link. I only add the avi to a project and then convert it to mp4.


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Hi Miguel,

We have checked and seen that the video file contains some special information and ActivePresenter can not handle it correctly. We will try to fix the issue in future releases. In the meantime, please convert the video (to mp4, for example) before inserting into ActivePresenter. You can use free softwares like ffmpeg (https://ffmpeg.zeranoe.com/builds/) or Handbreak (https://handbrake.fr/) for converting.