Export video and audio together in a single file that are in resources


Today I used for the first time the function of recording with the webcam. Excellent result.

I have tried to export only that video with the RMB>“Export to File…” function, and I have seen that either I can export only the video or only the audio.

Is there any way to export video and audio together in a single file?

Thank you !

ActivePresenter version: 8.2.1

OS: win 10


Hi Julio,

There is no way to export both video and audio together in a single file with the RMB in the Timeline pane or the Resources pane. It allows you to export audio or video only.

If you mean that you have audio and video in the Resources pane and you want to combine them and export them into single file, you can drag the audio and video file to the Canvas, then go to the Export tab > select Video to export them together in a single file.


understood thanks !!