Export to video file is low quality

When comparing video file exports of a project all the available file types to the original recording in the editable project, the exports are noticeably faded in colour and look blurry. This happens even when output quality is set to 100%, and video size is also at 100%.
Image exports have the same problem of being blurred and faded.
Is this typical of video exports, or do I have a problem?

ActivePresenter Version:
Windows 10


What’s the dimension (width x height) of your project? Please use a standard dimensions or at least an even width/height. Don’t use an odd width/height because some video codecs don’t render it properly.
If your project already has a standard dimensions but this issue still occurs, please try another project to check if it’s project specific issue. Also try the MKV video format because it’s the only format which uses a lossless codec.