Export to SVG animation

Hi team,

Saola Animate cannot export svg animation. Are you considering adding this feature?

Hi Volkan,

Can you please let me know some use cases in which you need SVG animation instead of HTML5?


Sorry for the late response.

SVG can be easily added to Wordpress like an image file, works on every device and the file size is generally smaller, no need for an extra script to play.

sometimes a proyect document can be also used in a video editing room, press pdf…
preserving vector graphics will improve document usability.

Any update on this feature?

Hi Volkan,

Unfortunately, there’s no update on this feature yet.
We’re focusing on other editing features for the next major version.


Hello there :wave:

Is there any update on this feature?

Overall I find the tool amazing! Truly one of the best ones in terms of the user experience! However, lack of exporting formats makes it not as useful to me personally. I wish there was built in svg and gif exports, as well as lottie support. But at least svg :slight_smile:

Hi Iryna,

We don’t have a plan to support exporting to SVG.
I know that a single SVG output file is easy and convenient for embedding into a web page.
But this output will not be able to support all features of Saola Animate as the HTML5 output.
Moreover, SVG animation and interactivity only works well in a web environment. It doesn’t work (or works with limitations) when embedding into other formats.

GIF output will not be supported either.
Saola Animate allows exporting to video format which has many advantages over GIF format. For example: a video will have better quality than a gif that has the same file size, video playback can be controlled easily…
Most browsers now also supports embedding and playing video without any piece of JS.
We usually use embedded videos instead of gifs in our pages too, for example, in the following tutorial page: Responsive Layout Basics - Saola Animate

For embedding lottie animations, you can see this thread: Adding a json file from lottie javascript (bodymovin) - #2 by ToanLS