Export to PDF not scaled properly

Problem: When I export to PDF, the exported image of the screen only occupies about 1/2 of the available page size (in landscape mode). I would like the image to be scaled to occupy the entire available space. There does not seem to be any settings to enable this. How to do it?

ActivePresenter version: latest

OS: Windows latest


Hi Peter,

There is no such option in the current version of ActivePresenter. However, you may consider exporting the project to the PowerPoint output, then use the Create PDF/XPS Document feature of PowerPoint to save it as a PDF file.


Hi Dao,
Thanks, the export to Powerpoint and then conversion to PDF seems to work OK. There are some minor issues with some alignment of some objects in the powerpoint, but nothing too drastic.

Unfortunately by presentation includes a green-screened presenter, and it appears the green-screen deletion is not respected in the output to powerpoint, so I need to manually delete the presenter video on each slide before converting from powerpoint to PDF.

It would be neater and more convenient if ActivePresenter could directly export to PDF at the correct scaling. Can I ask that this small but useful improvement is made as soon as possible!

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your information.

We will add this feature in our TODO list. However, we are having a lot of tasks with higher priority so I am not sure that we can support it soon. Another option is exporting slides to images and create the DPF file from them but it is quite time consuming.