Export Project to Smartphone

I have some simple questions.

On the first page of Active Presenter web site, you have a picture of a desktop, a laptop, a tablet and a smartphone.

My question is: is it possible to export the project to a smartphone?
If that is possible, how can I do it using Active Presenter or do I need to export in HTML5 first and send the link to people and that would work fine?

Besides, if that is possible, the features in the system will recognize the touch as one click normally or has something else I have to do in order to export to a touch device?

Thank you!


It means that ActivePresenter HTML5 output can run on smartphone. If you need to export the project to a smartphone app, you need to use a third-party tool such as Cordova (http://cordova.apache.org/) to pack the HTML5 output as an app. In the case you just want HTML5 output and share the content for other people, you will need to upload the content to a web server.

Yes, the HTML5 output will recognize the touch as one click.


Oh nice, I was thinking something like that also.
Thanks for the third party option you gave :slight_smile: