Export option to counterbalance the browser "no sound automatically"

I’ve read so I know that some browsers don’t allow by default content which has video and sound start playing automatically without user’s interaction first.
And I also know that in the HTML5 export there’is an option to make appear a message (see underline in red in the picture :

But what I don’t know is how to change it. First the time this notification appear on the screen is way too short, we don’t have the time to read it ! Second, the translation in French is a little off. And lastly the looks of it isn’t really beautiful.

Is it possible to do something about it ?

Thanks !

ActivePresenter Version: 7.5.9
OS: Windows 10 Family

Hi Sabine,

Unfortunately, the current version doesn’t support customizing it. However, the common resolution is providing a Start button (maybe with some guide text) on the first page so user can click it to start the lesson and enable the sound.