Export - last slide contains a pause option

I don’t know what this message means but when I export to html, I get “The last slide contains a pause option…” message shown in screen capture.

The last slide is a results slide for a quiz. On that slide I have 3 buttons, Review the Quiz, Restart the Quiz, and Quit.

What does this message mean? And do I need to add or change something on the final slide?

ActivePresenter version: 9.0.6

OS: Win 10



Hope that you’re doing well.
The message dialog appears to warn that if your last slide contains a pause option, it may affect learners’ completion status in LMS.
In general, it doesn’t affect your project. So, you don’t need to change anything in the final slide.



I had this same problem some time ago. It is really only important if you are exporting SCORM or ExAPI files for use, as Thuy mentioned, in an LMS. This is because these file generate student progress data that the LMS picks up and uses it to update student records.

If the LAST SLIDE is not marked as “Auto Advance”, then it will wait for the student to ‘click next’ to advance to a non-existent follow-on slide, effectively putting the presentation in limbo, so there will be no "lesson completed’ message sent to the LMS.

Thankfully, the solution easy! Simply go to the LAST slide, select ‘Properties-Slide’ and in the upper right-hand corner you will see the ‘auto-advance’ option. Just click to accept this and you’re all set! See the attached image for the location.

Hope this helps,


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I seem to get the message whether I have auto advance checked or not. I just clicked to not display the warning again.

Finished my first project. I’m starting to feel like I have super-powers! :blush: And I’ve barely touched what AP can do. A bit of a learning curve, but it really is amazing software.

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Thank @IanMP for your detailed explanation as an enthusiastic member of our user community.
Besides the slide Auto Advance option, the interactive objects in your last slide may be checked with the Pause presentation to wait for user input option, @vwatson. That’s why the message dialog appears.
Hope that both of you always have many amazing experiences with ActivePresenter :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
We’re delighted to hear that our product is helpful to your work.

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