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Export/import SCORM configuration

My team is using ActivePresent to build SCORM content. Each time open a new project, I need to reconfigure Player Setting/ SCORM Setting.

Do we have a way to export/import those configurations ?

Thank you and Best Regards


After customizing your Player Settings, you can save all the changes as a preset to reuse across project. Do as follows:

  • Click the Save button (1) > type a meaningful name in the pop-up dialog (2) > click OK (3):

  • To reuse it in another project, open the Player Settings window > click the drop-down arrow (4) at the Preset box > select your preset you created:

Regarding SCORM settings, you need to do it manually.


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Hi Yen
Thank you for you sharing.
Can the preset of Player Setting be exported to file ? Then I can import it to another project in different PC ?

Best Regards

Hi Ha,

Thanks for getting back to me!

There is another way that helps you to reuse both Player Settings and SCORM settings. That is to create a custom theme. You can do as follows:

That way, you can reuse the custom theme. You can access this folder C:\Users\Username\Documents\ActivePresenter Templates to find and send the custom theme to others.

Note that with SCORM settings, ActivePresenter will save all information of the custom theme, including Identifier and Title. Therefore, you may need to change them by yourself. We’ll try to improve it in the future.


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