Export HTML5 Pass Condition

Problem: I export the AP file as html5 with LMS (SCORM 1.2). On the platform in which we integrate the e-learning, it should be marked as “passed” at the end. There are no questions in the project, the user only has to look at the 3 Slides. In the export settings under Pass Condition I selected “Number of slides viewed” and not less than 3. This doesn’t work.
You can look at the export settings in the screenshot.

ActivePresenter Version: 8.0.7


To get pass/fail result, you have to complete the course. If you stop halfway, you may get an incomplete result. To end the course, you can allow learners to click the End Presentation button. Or make the last slide be completed without any pause and with the auto-advance checked.

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Hi, thanks for your answer. It worked.

Now I have the same problem with an e-learning with the pass condition “Number of correct answers”. We have 2 Questions which has to be answered correct to pass the course.

For the last slide we checked auto-advanced and we added the following javascript to the exit Button:

We also said On Click End Presentation.

But it doesn’t work. In the attached AP Project you can see all settings.


After checking your project, we found that you use two exit buttons for two cases of right and wrong answer. You should change the order of actions in both two exit buttons like this:

Note that in case of buttons being added the same events-actions, you just need to use only one.


thanks for your answer. We changed the order of actions but it still didn’t work.
We tried tu change the pass condition to “Percents of correct answers” and said not less than 100.
But it doesn’t set the SCORM Variables cmi.core.lesson_status and cmi.core.score.ra

“cmi.core.score_children”:“cmi.core.score.raw, cmi.core.score.max, cmi.core.score.min”,

Do you know why and how we can fix this?


Maybe in your LMS, the End Presentation action can’t update the lesson status if the browser is closed right after executing the action. Please remove Execute JavaScript: prez.destroy(); window.close(); and try again.


That does not work either.


Incomplete status means that the lesson is not ended yet, it doesn’t depend on the pass condition.
There’s no reason that the lesson status is passed/failed for “Number of slide view” condition, but incomplete for other conditions.
As @Tuyenluu’s answer, your project contains two buttons that end the lesson. Please make sure that you updated both.



we did it like @Tuyenluu said and yes we updated both buttons.
We also tried to remove the javascript action but it doesn’t work either. Apart from this, we need this action to close the window on our platform.

Can you please check again our project file? We also included the exported zip.
Maybe you can test it in a scorm cloud?

Thanks for your support.


We’ve tested on Moodle and SCORM Cloud, the result is correct (passed or failed) on both LMSs.

However, please be informed that SCORM 1.2 doesn’t have two separate variables for completion_status and success_status as SCORM 2004.
It only has lesson_status variable with one of the following values: incomplete, completed, passed, failed, browsed, not attempted.
ActivePresenter will use incomplete/completed values for Demonstration mode, and passed/failed values for other modes (Tutorial, Practice, Test).

Some LMSs display both completion status and success status for SCORM 1.2 so it may make confusion. For example, SCORM Cloud considers passed/failed as completed/incomplete for completion status:


Thank you! It works now.

Thanks for your support.
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