Export HTML5 as one file?

Problem: Is it possible to export the HTML5 as one file rather than folders? I wanted to be able to share the HTML5 as a download so the user could download just that file and open it up without any worries (I get they could download the folders etc and they could open the index file, but I feel like that would put off some people because there are loads of files). If not is it possible to do this in the future?

ActivePresenter version: 8

OS: Windows


Hi Emma,

The best way to deliver your content to users is to upload HTML5 output to a web server or an LMS.
In case you don’t use an LMS, you can compress the folder to a zip file, share the zip file to users so that they can unzip it and open the .html file to view the content.
It’s not possible to export the HTML5 as one file as you mentioned, unfortunately.