Export batch files or export independent slides in batches

Hello guys,
When testing the ActivePresenter software I felt a huge lack of a resource which I consider important for those who work with a considerable number of videos daily.

Here’s the tip.

Export batch files or export independent slides in batches

Purpose of task:

A long recording that needs to be divided into multiple parts such as training, tutorial, etc.
After editing the video, split into slides or multiple files have an option to produce/export in queue/batch without the need for someone to open the file and exporting, opening the file and expandoing, this demand a lot of time could be automated.

Even when we look at the software for the first time and notice the separate slides and impression passing is that each slide will be an individual “.mp4” file when in fact it is not!

Edit the video, then erase slides to save in individual files and even later have to open each file to export, just talking is already tiring imagine operating this way!

Thanks for listening!



Thank you for your suggestions. That would be nice features. We will add those features in our TODO list and implement in future releases.



Yes I do subscribe the opinion of valdir.rsilva. I dare to give some advice IMHO. When you are dealing with a set of courses made up of several .approj you would like to concentrate on the contents and have all clerical work done by the software. If you export to Video and SCORM and do some localization most of your time is wasted in clerical work. One thing could be that some exports could be set as automatic for some .approj. .Xliff extraction translation and update in .approj CC is also another lifecycle that could be automated. If this fell beyond your development plan, at least, give some extensive CLI to use AP as a filter with tools like Make or Eclipse.

I completely agree with you as this is really a big problem in this application. Because even now I don’t find any option provided by the team to export the batch files or independent slides at once.
For me (a student) this will be the most important feature as I have to record the online lectures of my college and then save the mp4 file to folders of different subjects.
Hope the ATOMI team find some solution for this major issue, to be frank it’s really a pain in the neck as it takes like 3 hours to save 3 hours of lecture everyday and I have to do it manually by exporting each lecture of 1 hour then wait for the completion and resume again.
Thank you