Export ActivePresenter Projects to Videos, Video is freeze continuously

Always thank you for your great program.!!
When I export video, Video is freeze continuously. Plz refer below links (after intro you can check freezing)

ActivePresenter Version: ActivePresenter_v6.1.3_setup

OS: Win 10



Did you export the project to MP4 format? If so, can you please try exporting to WebM to see if the issue still occurs or not?


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Wow it is totally fine~!!!

Could you let me know why MP4 has freeze problem???


It actually is a bug when working with some types of video content in the current version of ActivePresenter. We will try to fix this problem in the next release. In the mean time, if you want to use the MP4 format, please export projects to MKV (to preserve quality) and then use a video conversion tool (such as Handbrake at https://handbrake.fr/) to convert output to MP4.

We are sorry for this inconvenience.


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Thank you for your support!!!
And Great program!!!

Problem:Export activepresenter projects to videos, Windows get hang, it doesn’t respond and restarts. Please help me!!

Hi Sagar,

I have answered you in this thread.
So, please check it out!

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