Events/Actions don't work when object is set to no have no fill and show no line

Problem: I have a number of files which were created in AP6. They are software simulations and use shapes on certain areas of the screen that the user can interact with.

These all use an object or shape with the fill and line set to none.

In AP6 when I export the events still work. For example if I have a shape with no fill and no line that has a hover event, when the user hovers over the invisible shape the hover action works. When I export with AP7 the events do not work.

This leaves two options to make the interaction work:
-Show a line around the shape (This is not a viable option)

  • Set the shape fill to a colour and set opacity to 0.

The second option works but will involve a lot of dev time to change all the shapes to have fill with 0 opacity.

Would you consider making a change so you can use an object with events that has no fill and no line?

ActivePresenter Version: 7

OS: Windows


Hi Ashley,

In version 6, mouse events are bound to the bounding rectangle of the shape. It’s usually not what users expect when working with non-rectangle shapes, because mouse events still occur when they interact with empty areas outside the shape (but inside the bounding rectangle).

In version 7, mouse events are bound to the painted area of the shape to improve user experience and HTML5 player performance. So I think we will not allow to interact with objects that have no fill and no line, but will consider converting those objects in old projects to objects with transparent fill automatically.

In the mean time, if your objects are Mouse Click object, your can convert one of them, then right-click and select Apply to All Mouse Click Objects > Style from the context menu.


That actually makes a lot of sense! Thanks for the explanation.

The conversion from AP6 to 7 would be great but the workaround you have given is great and will save me a lot of time!


PS, absolutely LOVE the HTML5 preview!