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Event-action timing setting

Problem: I download a template named " cherry blossom" from the startup homepage,
the features of some objects are as below, marked with blue circles.
and the actions were enabled at the beginning of the slide.
when I copied and pasted them with original format, those features disappeared.
and the actions were enabled at the end of the slide.
I have checked the manual, could not find such feature symbols.

Can anyone tell me the name of these features and the way to set them?

ActivePresenter version: 8.0

OS: Win 10


Thank you so much.

Hi Emilia,

You can search for the keyword Show over Multiple Slides in the User Manual.
It is the name of this feature as well.
This feature come in handy when you want to make a single object appear in all slide in the presentation.
In the Timeline pane, there is an icon that appears next to the object name (you marked with blue circle) to indicate that object is showing over multiple slides.

To set them, just right-click an object in the Timeline pane or Canvas > Show over Multiple Slides.
Then, you can choose to place the object in the top layer or bottom layer of the stack order of slide objects.

Kind regards,

Dear Thuy,
Thanks very much for the reply.
I have applied to multiple slides, it showed an green arrow instead of the red one in templates, what’s the difference and how to change it?



Hi Emilia,

Let me give you some information:

  • The red icon appears when an object is shown in multiple slides (the previous and the next one). And you cannot change that icon.
  • The green arrow displays the Appear effect of the object. You can change this effect type if accessing the Animations tab > Entrance effects.

Before applying effects in ActivePresenter, please make sure that the object is visible and unlock.
This way, you can select and work with it.

Kind regards,

Dear Thuy
Thanks very much for the kind suggestion.
Active Presenter is indeed an excellent tool for user and supporting team is very nice.
Wish to get some video tutorial from your homepage in the future.



Thanks for your nice feedback, Emilia.
You can visit the YouTube channel of ActivePresenter here:

Also, each written tutorial on our page (ActivePresenter 8 Tutorials - Atomi Systems, Inc.) includes video tutorials, which can help you follow the instruction easily.
Please feel free to take a look at.

Have a nice day,

Dear Thuy,
Thanks for the guide and I will study it.
:+1: :+1: :+1:

Good Day.