Error when Reactivating License


Active Presenter suggested I update. When I did it upgraded me and asked me to pay for the upgrade. I did not want to upgrade and had to uninstall and reinstall version 6.

When I put in my license key it says:

This product key has been activated up to its volume limit. Please consider buying additional licenses or deactivate it from other computers(s) that you’ve used to activate.

ActivePresenter Version:

Windows 10

Please address urgently, as I need to use the software.

Hi Dave,
Please send your request to with your product key so that we can reset it for you.


Thx Dan,

Have sent the email. Please take a squiz. Urgently need assistance.


Hi Dave,

We didn’t receive any email from you.
But I found a license associated with your email address so I reset it.
Now you should be able to activate it again.


Thx, working now. Weird, I did send the email.