Error message while saving

Problem: When I save a screen recording, always appears this error message (but everything works…)

ActivePresenter Version: 7.5.11

OS: Win 10


Hi Stefano,

Thanks for reporting the bug. Can you please describe the steps to reproduce this issue? Did you save the project while previewing?


Thank you for your answer.
These are the steps I made:

  • From the initial screen I choose Record Video
  • I recorded the video in full screen 1920x1080, audio set in mono
  • I edited the recorded video, then saved the project, the error message appears only the fist time I save
  • For editing I used only the cut range command, get noise profile, audio noise reduction, normalisation.

I can’t attach here the project file since it’s too big. Let me know if it’s needed, so I will use a transfer service.

Thank you

Thanks for your information.

We confirm that is a bug in ActivePresenter 7.5.11. The issue is annoying but it doesn’t affect to the editing project. We will try to fix it soon.


Thank you so much.