Error after updating

This comes out after I have clicked the record video button. all is working except TIME is not running and NOT RECORDING

Problem: 2021-02-04 20:50:34: can’t open file ‘C:\Users\allan\Documents\ActivePresenter.ActivePresenterCachedProjects\Untitled2_tempdir\video_20210204_20-50-34.mkv’ (error 5: Access is denied.)
2021-02-04 20:50:34: Could not write data to C:\Users\allan\Documents\ActivePresenter.ActivePresenterCachedProjects\Untitled2_tempdir.

updated my old version, and it would not record video

ActivePresenter version: free version on windows 10



Hi John,

Some users reported that the problem came from antivirus software like Avast.

It wrongly blocked ActivePresenter from accessing some locations on their computers.

Can you please check if it is your case?

If the problem persists, please let us know.


Worked for me, thank you very much!

Just added an exception in Avast for ActivePresenter.exe

Moreover, with v8.3.2 update all mouse clicks work again!

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