Entering special characters into a fill the blank question

Dear support,
I’m currently writing some technical questions.
Is it possible to support the user when entering Ω (for Ohm) into a fill in blanks question? Most users do not know how to enter such a character (ALT 234).
In other applications I saw a widget that opens up when a user clicks an input field for math-content. Is this something you are allready supporting or thinking of?
Best wishes

ActivePresenter version: 8.3

OS: Windows 10


Hi Ludger,

The current version of ActivePresenter hasn’t supported this feature yet, unfortunately.

However, you can use shapes with the Execute JavaScript action in the On Click event to enter symbols as in this attached sample special characters.approj (936 KB)


Dear Hoa,
thank you very much. I adapted it to my situation (multiple input elements on one slide etc.).
I just wanted to check with you if this solution has any drawbacks.

In the slide’s onload event I modified the focus event for all my inputs:

$(prez.slide.node).find('input').focus(function() {

Each of the symbol-buttons now calls onclick this method:

var focussed = $(prez.slide.node).find('input.hasfocus')[0];
var val = this.textNode.innerText;

Best wishes

Hi Ludger,

The HTML5 player checks the focus periodically. It’ll focus to the first focusable object in the slide if there’s no object having focus. So for your script to work properly, please make all your symbol-buttons focusable by setting their Tab Order value (in Properties pane) to a value other than None.

Moreover, in $(focussed).val(val).html(val);, html(val) is not needed, and you may need to append the symbol to the current value value: $(focussed).val($(focussed).val() + val);