Enable Progress bar or Process recording in Smart capture mode

I’m using Smart capture mode to record software demonstration. I can’t rely on FMR as it records all mouse/Cursor movements in a single slide (Video). So, I stick to Smart Capture. Here the issue is that it records the screen in FMR only when mouse is scrolled and captures the screenshot only if the user clicks or types somewhere on the screen.
But, whenever a progress bar or process is going it can’t capture every screen movements. Instead either I have to click on screen wherever I want or I should go with FMR.
So, it would be better if there is an option to include the every movement one screen in auto FMR mode. The option should be decide by the user whenever it is required (Like either he wants to record the screen movements as auto FMR or entire movements as screen captures if changes of the frames per second is less than 5 etc.) So, user can have both the options to capture the minor screen updations as separate slides and major screen updations like progress bar etc. as full motion video. It is very useful for making Software Demonstration Videos.
Here, the file size may become large if user selects the individual frames for each screen updations. But, sometimes it is really required. Now we should record the same thing 2-3 times for showing the demo with reality of clicks and progress bars.
Hope you will include the same in next updates.

While in Smart Capture mode, you can always start Full Motion Recording manually by pressing a hotkey (default is F9), ActivePresenter will switch to FMR until you want to stop it (default hotkey is F10 to stop FMR).

I think that is what you’re looking for.

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