Embed HTML5 in iframe

Problem: Hi, I have a long web page and, at the end of the page I want to insert an iframe which contain an AP HTML5 presentation. This is working fine except that when the page is loaded, the browser skip to the end to show AP. It seems AP “force itself” to be shown in the browser.
With that behavior, people on my page skip all the text before the AP presentation.

So, is it possible to prevent AP to force skip to the end?

ActivePresenter Version: 7.5

OS: Win 10


Hi Simon,

Unfortunately, it can’t be prevented in the current version.
We’ll try to deal with this issue in future releases.
Now you should delay embedding the presentation until the iframe is scrolled into view.
You can do that by editing the presentation HTML file, look for script tag contains AtomiAP.open, and make changes as follows:

<script type="text/javascript">
  var showPrezTimerID = setInterval(function() {
    // check if iframe is visible in current view
    // suppose that this is the first iframe  in the main page: getElementsByTagName('iframe')[0]
    var parentWin = window.parent;
    if (parentWin.document.getElementsByTagName('iframe')[0].getBoundingClientRect().top > parentWin.innerHeight)
    // iframe is visible, cancel next checking
    // load the presentation
    // paste the original code here, e.g.
    AtomiAP.open("rlprez.js", "KYelkf71", {
      playMode: "Tutorial",
      preloader: {zIndex: 2,diameter: 60,density: 9,range: 1000,speed: 1,color:'#2090E6',shape:'oval'}
  }, 300);      // checking every 300ms until visible


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Problem was in 2019.
Now 2022 year.
I have same problem.
How to make auto scroll top page if i use iframes in slides?

Hi @Bathysphere_ru,

This issue should not occur with ActivePresenter latest version (8.5.8).
If it does, please let me know your OS and browser name, and send your project file (.approj) to support@atomisystems.com for checking.


I use 8.5.8 version.
Ok. I will send file.