Edit Reports slide

Is there a way to edit the reports slide? I would like to take off the learner response column in the “detailed results” portion of the data collection

ActivePresenter Version:




You can hide the “Learner Response” column by using JavaScript. Please follow the below steps:

  1. Go to ActivePresenter -> Project -> Properties
  2. In the Event tab add the following code:
if (!prez.initDetailReport) {
    prez.initDetailReport = true;
    var oldDetailedReportData = prez.detailedReportData;
    prez.detailedReportData = function(bIncludeCorrectResponses) {
        var data = oldDetailedReportData.call(this, bIncludeCorrectResponses);
        data = data.replace(/(<th width='30%' align='center'>Learner Response<\/th>)/g, "");
        data = data.replace(/(<td align='center' class='ap-result-response' style='word-break:break-all'>.*?<\/td>)/g, "");
        return data;
  1. Apply the changes and re-export the project again.


Thank you so much that worked perfectly. One more questions. Would it be the same code if I wanted to manipulate different elements. For example removing the ID and NO. columns or maybe the max score as well. Could I just substitute the new column name in. For example the code says

.>Learner Response</th>)/ could I just change it to .>Max Score</th>)/


You can remove other columns by replacing the report data string. However, it requires more complex and hardcode. Therefore, you should not use this way.