Edit long video

Hi everyone,

I new with the ActivePresenter and want to say it is very usefull, thank you.

My question is: if I edit a video about 3 hours, how can I cut the last 40 minutes? I tried but have to move the mouse through all the timeline manually, is there another way to move the range markers faster?

Thank you,

Hi Sandro,

Thank you for your nice words.
In your case, I suggest that you can click the Zoom Out Timeline button on the Timeline toolbar, or hold down CTRL while scrolling the wheel down.
That helps to reduce the time scale of the timeline so that you can place the Playhead and cut the last 40 minutes with ease.
For your reference, please take a look at this video:

Besides, you can find out some amazing ways to speed up your work while editing your video or project through this video:

Hope that it’s helpful to you.
Have a nice day,