Each Checkbox needs to be checked to Continue Presentation

I have 4 checkboxes on my slide.
Each checkbox has audio which reads the text answers.

I want each checkbox to get checked before going to the next checkbox.
When I add the Action to OnClick Pause Presentation on each checkbox, it pauses the presentation if ANY of the checkboxes are clicked.

Any suggestions how I can get it to work correctly?


Regarding your preference, you can add a transparent shape and adjust it on the On Check event of each checkbox.

Here is our sample project for your reference to see if it can help.
checkbox.approj (536 KB)

Should you have any questions, kindly let us know.


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Hi, I know this topic is over 1 year old.
But the checkbox example added here only works if you want to force the user to check the boxes in order. In this case from top to bottom.

I have a few slides which have 4 or 5 checkboxes on a map, which when clicked/checked will show a description of each location (by showing a hidden object)
AND I only want to let users advance when all are checked.

Users will of course click all of the checkboxes randomly.
How to achieve this?


You can set up an Advanced Action that shows the corresponding hidden object when each checkbox is checked, and goes to the next slide if all the checkboxes are checked. Then call it in each checkbox On Check event.

For your reference, please see this sample:
checkbox-randomly.approj (364 KB)


I’ll check it out.
Thank you Tuyen!