Duration shows wrong values

Dear all at Atomi,
the duration shown in the properties of a slide does not fit to actual duration (as shown in the time-line or given as info in the slides overview).

The wrong property values are saved in the contents-JSON for each slide in the approj file, too. Thus, our ActivePresenter database shows wrong overall duration values.

Can you confirm this bug? If yes, until when could it be fixed?

Best regards,
Using ActivePresenter V9.0.5 on Windows 10

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your clear description.
Actually, this is not a bug.
Please pay attention to the Timeline pane, and you will see the vertical red line. It indicates the slide duration’s end time.

To extend the slide duration, do either of the following:

  • Move the mouse pointer to the vertical red line position until it turns into a left-right arrow > drag it along the Timeline to a position you want.
  • Navigate to the Properties pane > Slide Properties > General > enter a new value into the Duration spin box.

Hope that it helps.

Hi Thuy,

  • When I slide the marker to right (to the end of the slide bar in the time line), the real duration is shown.
  • When I move it further to the right, the slide is shown longer, so I can extent the duration beyond my closed captions.
  • But if I move it to the left, it is ignored. The slide does not end at this marker, all of my closed captions are still played on that slide.

So shouldn’t this marker have an “auto-stick-to-the-end-of-the-latest-time line-object”-behavior and only allow extensions to the right? Or the slide must end at this marker, regardless where it is.

Best regards,

Hi Martin,

I would like to add further information that the slide duration displayed in the Duration spin box is only used to ensure the minimum duration of the slide.
The real slide duration includes all the object duration in the Timeline pane. And the slide will end at the endpoint on the Timeline pane.

Thank you for your time and your suggestion.

All the best,