Drop Area Question

I am trying to make several answers go to one drop area. But I don’t know how to set the events so that all objects are submitted before the feedback layer registers the first answer as correct. I want all answers to be taken to the drop area before moving on. Can you help me with the events? I thought of having it controlled by the submit button as well, but didn’t know if this was the correct way to go about it. I want it to happen sorta like in this video:


I have all of the drag sources and the drop area all set. But I want all of the drop areas to be selected and dragged before the user moves on. I appreciate your help.

Hi Amber,

We got your idea.
I recommend that you can use Drag-n-Drop questions in ActivePresenter to achieve what you want.
Because of the difference in the intended use, Drop Area will provide a feedback message once you create a drag-n-drop interaction.
Meanwhile, a Drag-n-Drop question will show up a feedback layer after you complete dragging all drag sources into drop target and click the Submit button.
For more detail, please watch this video:

Also, take a look at the attached sample.
drag-n-drop question.approj (492 KB)

Hope that it helps.

Have a nice day,