Dragging an object creates a text object


Saola Animate version: 2.7.1


Notes: Has anyone else had this happen…

Quite often when I left click on an object, shape, picture, it does not drag and the mouse pointer gets a tiny “right pointing” arrow, and then when I release the left mouse button, a text object is created (you can see the little right pointing arrow when I drag the pointer onto the blue square. I’m totally baffled, I can not figure out what is causing it to happen. Watch the animated image and see.

Hi Locky,

It seems that the issue occurs occasionally on scenes with audio elements.
It’s so strange, we’ve not found the root of the issue yet.

Please select the audio element and click Show/Hide Element button (the eye icon) on Timeline to hide the audio on Canvas to overcome the issue.
I’m sorry for this incovenience.


Hi ToanLS,

Thanks for the reply. That’s interesting about the audio file, I thought a couple of times that I noticed that it did not happen when there was no audio in a project but was never certain about it, I actually thought that maybe some other program on my computer was causing a conflict. Thanks for the “work around” info…Show/Hide element, I will give that a try!

I did find one other work around by experimenting and trying a couple things, when I click on an object and hold down left mouse button and drag and the pointer moves but the object does not, I keep the left mouse button pressed down and at the same time press the "escape / Esc button and the object I was trying to drag, moves to where the mouse pointer is and it does not create a text object when I let go of Esc and left mouse button. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Locky,

Thank you for sharing your workaround.