Drag & Drop Quiz issues

When I try to add an action to a drop target box, I don’t have the options to set behaviour for Correct / Incorrect. If I try to add an individual correct/incorrect response via the Message function, I only have accept/reject/hint. No correct/incorrect.
I tried adding a Submit button with ‘Show Responses / All showing interactions’, but no matter what combination of answers I give when testing the quiz, the result is ‘incomplete’.
What am i doing wrong please?

ActivePresenter Version: Pro Edition v7.5.8

OS: Win

Notes:drag & drop quiz.approj (3.2 MB)


The correct/incorrect events are only available to quiz, not to its child. For each drop target in the quiz, you can only add accept/reject messages. You can refer to my example project to see how it works
drag & drop quiz.approj (3.2 MB)

For Submit button, you have to change the action to “Submit/Quiz” instead of “Show Responses / All showing interactions”


Thank you - I didn’t like the idea of the reject action bouncing back wrong answers, but the ‘Try Again’ message works well and I don’t need the Submit button anymore.

Also, how do you get these menu buttons when editing a quiz (from your How to Create Quizzes turorial)? I’ve never seen them before.


My example just a way to do with incorrect answers, you have many ways to adjust it. Please refer to the Customize a Drag-n-Drop Question tutorial to see how to do:

The menu buttons in your screenshot are in old version of ActivePresenter 6 Interface. In ActivePresenter 7 - the latest version, we have updated new user interface.