Drag & Drop Quiz - incomplete feedback

Problem: Incomplete feedback does not work my the drag and drop quiz.
If I press the submit button before completing all the association, the incorrect feeedback appears instead of the incomplete feedback.

Here are the settings of my Quiz:
Question Max Attempt: infinite
No timeout limit

On Correct - Show Feedback Layer (Blocking) - Correct Feedback
On Incorrect - Show Feedback Leyer (Blocking) - Try Again Feedback
On Incomplete - Show Feedback Leyer (Blocking) - Incomplete Feedback

What am I doing wrong please?

ActivePresenter Version: 7.5.8 Pro Edition

OS: Windows 10


Hi Nathalie,

Drop targets in a Drag & Drop quiz may not have any corresponding drag source.
So incomplete event is fired only when all drop targets are empty.


Thanks for the information. Indeed, the incomplete feedback appears when the student makes no attempt.

I think, however, that I make a wrong setup because the feedbacks doesn’t work well in my drag-n-drop quiz.

Correct feedback appears if all associations are right. On the other hand, if one or more associations are wrong, I always get the Incorrect feedback even if I limit the number of attempts. It is impossible to leave the quiz unless the student has all the correct answers. The quiz has 17 associations, so the number of combinations is huge.

To simplify, I reset the activity by selecting a single check box in the accept column to specify drag sources that can be dropped into the drop area. Attempts are unlimited and only one drag source can be dropped in each box target so the student will find the solution by trial and error. However, I specify a time limit (10 minutes). Again, it does not work. When I test the quiz, after only 20 seconds, Timeout feedback appears.

There is something that does not work, but what?

Events-Actions setting:

Hi Nathalie,

Only the screenshot of events - actions doesn’t provide enough information in this case.
Please share your project to our support email at support@atomisystems.com
You can keep only one slide which has these issues in your project.


Hi Nathalie,

In your project, you set the question time limit to 0:10.000, that means 10 seconds, not 10 minutes. The time limit format is minutes:seconds.milliseconds

Regarding the max attempts issue, your incorrect actions should be the same as the ones in Slide master > Question Layout:



Thank you for responding so quickly. I will make the changes.
Have a good day