Drag and Drop by click

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I just wanted to know whether it is possible to put a DragSource onto a DropTarget by a click event and not actually by dragging it there. Just translating the DragSource by JavaScript did not work for me.

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You can use the script below:

var dragSource = prez.object('drag source name');
prez.object('drop target name').dropHelper.drop(dragSource);


Awesome! Thank you very much!!

Hey @ToanLS, just a quick follow-up question. Is it possible to put the DragSource by click back on it’s original position? “Clear user input” is not working unfortunately after changing the object state for feedback.

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Hi sariwest,

How did you change the object state?
I see that “Clear user input” action still works after changing the drag source state (using “Change Object State” action)


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