DRag abd drop shows no correct

Problem: I have created a slide with drag and drop questions but do not see an option for a correct answer but only accept. I would like it to be pretty much the same as the vegetable example but I have one drop are and 2 drop sources. What am I doing wrong here?

ActivePresenter version: 8

OS: OS 11.2


Hi Marie,

In your case, to set correct answers for a drop target, please follow the guide below to solve your concern:
Step 1: Select a drop target.
Step 2: In the Properties pane > Interactivity tab > Drag-n-Drop > click Accept List Button to open the Accept List dialog.

As you can see, there are three columns in this dialog, including Accept, Correct, and Drag Source.

  • Accept: Select one or more check boxes in this column to specify drag sources that can be dropped into the drop target. If you allow learners to drag all drag sources into the drop target, select Accept All.
  • Correct: This column is meant for selecting drag sources as correct answers for the drop target. As a drop target can accept more than one correct answer, you can select many check boxes as you want.
  • Drag Source: This column displays the names of all drag sources in the question.

You can find more information about Drag-n-Drop Questions via the tutorial below:

Let me know if you have other questions.

Kind regards,
Quynh Anh.

Thanks for the quick response.

That is exactly the problem that there is no correct in that field

I’m not sure if the problem is that I have not been working with drag&drop Question but I have inserted shapes and selected them as drop targets and drag sources?

Hi again,

For your concern, yes, this happens because you have inserted shapes and selected them as drop targets and drag sources.

Please try using Drop Area or Drag-n-Drop questions to make it work.
You can take a look at the following thread below for more details:
Drag&Drop Question - ActivePresenter / Support Questions - ATOMI Community (atomisystems.com)

Kind regards,
Quynh Anh

Alright, I will try for one of the slides it would definitely work. But can you let me know how to move the drop targets and drag sources? In the video the fields are only marked and then dragged to the desired place on the slide. When I try to move the fields they always jump back to the position they had be in and I cannot move them to places I want them to be.

Many thanks!

Hi Marie,

Could you kindly specify your issue with more information so we can better understand?
Maybe some screenshots or a video will explain the situation better.

Thank you and kind regards,
Quynh Anh

I tried to record the screen with Activepresenter and now the software is not opening at all. Error message: Interprocess exception (boost: 7, native: 2): No such file or directory

Even after uninstalling and reinstalling, as well as restarting the MacBook several times, I cannot open it. Need urgent help please!

after clearing the MacBook of every approj file and reinstalling it, it now works. So back to the main problem which is the drag and drop fields not being movable. Please see video https://drive.google.com/file/d/1RgD_GaUO6W1zaVkmvL79MrQywTMzZ6rJ/view?usp=sharing

Hi again Marie,

In your case, it seems that you have set the Container Layout as Grid.
To solve this problem, please select the Drag-n-Drop question > in the Properties pane > Size & Properties tab > Container Layout > None.

You can find more information about 3 types of Container Layout from the link below:

Kind regards,
Quynh Anh

Thank you so much! Works perfectly